Business Strategies Quantified

To Provide Complete Analytical Solutions

Quantum Strategics provides services for your toughest analytical needs:
  • Providing predictive analytic and decision management services in helping Financial Companies make the decisions that deliver more successful customer engagement and cost-efficient growth.
  • Identifying potential customers to increase revenue and reduce attrition.
  • Providing automated, cloud-based decision making and scoring processing for Call Centers and Collection Agencies.

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World-Class Experiences

Founded by ex-executives of Citibank. Quantum Strategics provides services of data-driven decision-making processes in the areas of:

  • Risk management.
  • Market segmentation.
  • Collection and fraud prevention.

Quantum Strategic increases long-term profitability of your company value through maximizing the Lifetime Values of your individual customers. Our clients include financial institutions, retailer and telecom companies.

Quantum Strategics provides simple, integrated solutions for Strategy Consulting and Campaign Management for the quest of:
  • To whom ?
  • To offer what ?
  • When ?
  • How ? and
  • Through what channel?

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Integrated Analytical Solutions

Quantum Strategics provides integrated analytical services:

  • Consulting services for analytical strategies.
  • Data mining and statistical modeling.
  • Cloud-based production and reporting.
  • Advanced analytics with AI technologies.

We provide end-to-end coverage of analytics services across the entire product cycles for successful customer engagements with cost efficient growth.

Deep Analytics

Quantum ScoringTM

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Deep Analytics

In-depth knowledge of working with global financial institutions, Quantum ScoringTM predicts multi-dimensional customer behaviors including Risk, Revenue, Response, Retention, Credit Capacity and more, together with broad spectrums of the modeling technologies across varies areas of the company.

100% Satisfaction

Quantum StrategyTM

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Optimized Solutions

Quantum Strategics innovates at the speed of change, through a landscape of evolving competitions, technologies, economic environments and regulations. Our Lifetime Value OptimizationTM strategies allow you to reach maximize long-term profit with optimized policies and actions. Our forecast/simulation tools allow you to navigate your portfolio through varies scenarios to reach your objective.

Cloud Computing

Quantum Cloud TM

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Quality and Speed

Quantum CloudTM technologies provide services of data processing, modeling and reporting through web browsers without requiring additional IT department nor additional scoring team, greatly reduce implementation time with streamline workflows. Quantum Strategics stands for Quality and Speed.