Online Scoring

Reaching higher ROI with decision-making tools in the hands of business with easy-to-use interfaces to boost productivity.

Online Scoring

Online Modeling

Quantum Scoring TM lets you rapidly explore data and builds predictive models. Custom variable generation, modeling, and scoring MIS reporting can all be done online with a set of proven modeling techniques.

  • The resulting models can be deployed as stand-alone scoring systems or within existing business workflows. Integrate computing platforms with streamline processes for automated decision processing.
  • Help you deploy analytic solutions for online, real-time decision management, greatly increase productivity in the most cost-effective manner.
  • Accelerate application development, expedite your delivery of strategic solutions to your business decisions.

Scoring Production Workflow

For each client, each project, Quantum CloudTM provides a website as a part of the deliverables to facilitate scoring MIS, production, data capture and model refresh.

Flexible Implementation options:

  • On enterprise-level secure cloud servers; or
  • On servers within client's environment.
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Scoring Production

Quantum CloudTM scoring production system enables faster time-to-market implementation to ensure superior predictions, with extensive reports, allowing businesses of any size to apply customer-centric solutions easily and quickly.

  • Capabilities include streamlined data integrity checks, variables generations, score development, validation, monitoring, and reporting.
  • Production line extends decision management tools for embedding business rules, analytics, adaptive control and optimization to improve business strategies.

Strategy Tracking and Performance Benchmarking

  • Champion/challenger strategies drive continuous improvement in portfolio management decisions.
  • It can be installed on premises or accessed as enterprise-level secure envionment.
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Strategy Tracking

Online test-control strategy tracking with performance benchmarking allows you to systematically improve performance by learning from operational results and quickly respond to market change.

  • Improve risk separation to sharpen segmentation and targeting with key performance indicators through tracking by scores, strategies, vintages, policies and actions taken.
  • Build-in reporting tools for benchmarking financial performances of different segments and diffent scoring levels, customized for Call Centers and Collection Agencies.